Custom Computers

Custom VS. PreMade

HP, Dell and all the other manufactures of PC’s have the ability to build and sell some decent desktops, but what you normally get from these manufactures are low quality parts that are poorly tested and do not have much longevity.

1. A custom-built computer from Computer Catering will last much longer with better quality parts and you get exactly what you want, not a per-configured setup.

2. When you purchase a custom-built computer from Computer Catering, we sit down with you and go over all specifications so you know what you are getting.

3. When you purchase a custom-built computer from us, it will have universal parts and the option to upgrade in the future as opposed to being forced to stick with the limited upgradability of a pre-configured machine.

4. Upgrading parts is sometimes very difficult if at all possible with pre-configured machines. Many of the parts used in those computers are proprietary, meaning you have to contact the manufacture to get a replacement part, which can be pricey.

5. You choose what software and what operating system you want, if you want Windows 7, Windows 10, or Linix, it’s your choice.

6. No bloatware, we only install and few programs for utility and security.

7. Computers ranging from a decent computer to browse the web, check emails, and watch videos all the way to a Power House for HD video editing or EXTREME gaming!

However you decide, be assured that we will build you exactly what you need, and best of all we offer a 1 to 3 Year Warranty on ALL Custom Built Computers.
We are locally owned and operated, so Computer Catering will treat you like a friend.

So before jumping on that “weekly special” at the big box store, stop by or give us a call to customize your dream machine.